Thursday 10 November 2016


Sometimes we don't always have the answers when we need them. Recently I was interviewed by Mike Campbell for a podcast on his website Live Immediately. He asked, "Do you think that writing about [your children] makes you more mindful about what you're doing, that you're paying more attention because you want to write about them?"

Unfortunately, I didn't really answer Mike's question - partly as the conversation was interrupted by a little person - and I kept thinking about it afterwards as it is something I have contemplated many times. However, the question has been more - are we too self-conscious with our living? Are we living it with the spectre of photos for Instagram on our shoulders?

Certainly we don't live our lives for content. But I do think we are mindful of how we live our lives - considering how we want to live and making thoughtful decisions along the way. And, yes, viewing our world sometimes through a lens has made me more aware of how we live.

And in a slightly strange but good way, it has given me pause to consider what sort of life do we want to live? Not because I want it to look idyllic just for the camera - it's more that I want it to be like that for us.

It's worth noting, though that our choices are consistent with life before Instagram and will continue on this track if we ever choose to leave. 

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   

The photos above were taken on a recent visit to an orange farm in Kulnura. The farmer had been overseas at the time he usually sprays the crop and so he wasn't able to sell his fruit to the supermarket chain Woolworths as it had blemishes. That is the world that we live in now - people will only eat food that's engineered to look "perfect". It seemed such a waste, especially as there are people in need of food. And also because the oranges tasted delicious. They were the sweetest and juiciest I've ever tasted.

images the indigo crew

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