Wednesday 14 October 2015


Children's books are always something of a surprise. You can never really know which way they are going to go. Some books are beautifully written or illustrated but just don't connect to a particular child. Others can seem overly simplistic and yet are a hit. Although that is probably part of the appeal.

And then there are some books that you are secretly pleased that they love. Recently the two-year-old has started to enjoy the Once There Was a Boy Series by Oliver Jeffers. Her old brother received the box set which contains The Way Back Home, Lost and Found and How to Catch a Star about six years ago, and now it is her turn to enjoy them. Although I have to say her older sister never really connected with them.

The funny thing is that I think the youngest enjoys them because she has a pair of red and white stripy pjs and they match the clothes the boy is wearing. She gets excited every time she sees his outfit. She also enjoys finding the penguin on the page in Lost and Found.

It's probably the sweetest story out of the three. Her next favourite is How to Catch a Star followed by The Way Back Home - she doesn't seem as interested as interested in rockets as her brother was at her age - well, not yet.

Interestingly, How to Catch a Star was published in 2004 - so it's now 11 years old and while the illustrations are perhaps slightly dated, they still look beautiful. And the text is wonderful to read - quite playful but not too long or contrived.

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