Thursday 3 December 2015


This year we might not get the chance to get a real tree. So in the meantime, we have created a craft-inspired one. It all began on Saturday when the children were asking to get a Christmas tree, again. At that stage it wasn't even December so a crafted one seemed more appropriate.

School boy likes to get really involved in these projects so he drew the star and we used that as a template for the rest. The girls helped punch the holes into the paper, and thread the pieces. And together we hung the stars in our dining room. 

At this point, the children decided they wanted to hang string lights around it and create a base. It all came together in break-neck speed, but they were incredibly happy, and did individual and a group performance of "Twinkle twinkle little star".

Hole punch
Raffia paper string
Washi tape
String lights (optional) and masking tape to hang

1. Draw and cut a paper star. 
2. Create holes on two sheets of stars.
3. Thread raffia paper string through the holes until they are back on the same hole. However, when you are about 5 holes from the end, fill with paper. Or you could insert rosemary or cloves for a nice fragrance. Tie a knot at the top and leave enough string to hang.
4. Create 15 stars so you can hang in a triangular tree formation. Hang with washi tape.
5.  To hang a string light outline, you will need stronger tape, such as masking tape.

images courtesy of the indigo crew

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