Monday 21 March 2016


No sooner had we installed floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and office cupboards in our dining room and custom cabinetry in two bedrooms then we decided last year to move house. Sure enough, the new house doesn't have anywhere near the amount of storage as our previous home. It always makes me wonder how people live for so long without somewhere to keep their clothes and belongings stored and filed neatly away.  

We are back to the beginning again - or at least so it seems on some days. 

When we first moved into our home at the end of last year, we placed the children's clothes in chest-of-drawers. But they are not big enough, and it leads to items getting creased and crushed. Also, I've noticed that the girls can't "see" what they have, especially when it comes to their dresses.

As we plan to remodel their room at some point - but have to yet to determine the layout - buying furniture or even diving in and creating a temporary "built" storage solution seems counter-productive.

Then during the treehouse building project, when I saw bundles of beautiful branches outside, it gave me the idea of create a hanging rail for the girls' room. All it required was a couple of hooks, rope and a branch - all of which we already had at home. Perhaps, more importantly, it could be created in under an hour - quicker than going to the shops!

1 x saw (to cut branch to desired length)
1 x tape measure
2 x hooks
1 x drill
2 x equal lengths of sisal rope
1 x branch

1. Drill two hooks into the ceiling, ensuring they are 20cm shorter than your length of branch. You need 10cm of overhang at each end.
2. Create loops on two lengths of rope - one at each end. We used a splice knot to secure them in place. Make sure the rope hangs at the right height for little eyes and hands.
3. Insert the loops on the ceiling hooks and the other ends on the branch.

* Choose a branch that is as straight as possible. If it has too much of an angle the clothes will slide down.
* Choose a height that your children can reach, which helps encourage them to get dressed.
* If you need to shorten the rope and you've already created your knots, you can always create a basic knot along the length.
* You can store other items underneath, such as suitcases, which is where we keep dress-up items, such as masks and other costumes.
* Colour code clothes to make it easier to view what's on offer.
* The girls share this hanging rail and the youngest has the left-hand side while the oldest has the right-hand side. 
* There's no reason why you can't create one of these for yourself or another adult's clothing collection.
* Use the same style of coat hanger for your clothes to minimise the visual clutter of the hanging rail. Colour coding helps with this too.

Top Printebebe
Shorts Aubrie
Suitcases Mamapapa

images the indigo crew

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