Friday 14 November 2014


Revamping furniture and objects around the home has always been something that I've done. I like to keep life simple - reusing what I have, and restoring what I find. Plus, for me, I get a kick out of seeing something I've transformed. Gratifying, as they used to say.

It's been a while since I've done any DIY projects around the home but when I spied this stool at Mitchell Road Auction Centre in Sydney's Alexandria, I became inspired again. My daughter didn't want to sit in her high chair anymore but our regular bentwoods were a little too low. This stool sits a little higher - I think it may have been used for sewing or by a machinist - and was quite stable. It also didn't look like "baby" furniture. I've never been big on buying kid-specific furniture other than the absolute essentials, such as a cot and high chair. The rest - change tables - have been fashioned out of the tops of chest of drawers. 

The bonus is that when this stool is no longer used by the children it can find another use in our house. 

Sanding machine
Sand paper
Wood oil (I used the remains of a sample pot of Livos's natural oil sealer in Walnut, which we are testing out on our floors)

1. Sand back any layers of paint and wire brush the frame.
2. Unscrew the frame from the seat and spray-paint in black satin.
3. Oil the seat - drying time between coats required 24 hours. Reassemble.

images courtesy of the indigo crew

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