Wednesday 26 November 2014


Somehow, this year, I have managed to get all of my Christmas shopping for the kids done before December. Even stranger, perhaps, is that some of the items were bought in January. Yes, a few things on sale. And a few things I spotted and have managed to hold onto all this time. Such as the fairy wings, above. Even better is that my three-year-old daughter has recently been asking for fairy wings.

When my children were younger, if I'm honest, the presents didn't seem to matter so much. They were just happy to open something that had been wrapped in paper. But the six-year-old has a much stronger sense of what he does and doesn't like, and the three-year-old is fast learning from him.

So here is a sample of what they are getting this year. If you have yet to finish your shopping, for your children or others, I hope it gives you some ideas. 

From top to bottom.

Boy, age 6
* Carson Advdenture Pack, includes 5 x 30mm binocular, Lensatic Compass, Flashlight & Whistle/Thermometer - from Sydney University Co-Op.
* Seedling harmonica - from Gleebooks.
* Crochet Basil Bear - from La De Dah Kids.
* Outliving Snapshot Pencil Sharpener - from Sydney University Co-Op.
* Spinning toy - from Gleebooks.
* Collegien + Nununu Slippers - from Mr Wolf Kids.
Not shown:
* Blood Orange Stars PJ Set - from GNancy.
* Microscope - from Terrific Scientific.

Girl, age 3
* Down to the woods grey lambfrom Gleebooks.
* O-Check Snow dome - from Paper2.
* Suck UK Quack Tape Dispenser - from Sydney University Co-Op.
* Crochet Amanda Pandafrom La De Dah Kids.
* Collegien Slipper Socks - The Sealerfrom Mr Wolf Kids.
* No 74 Fairy Wings - Mamapapa.
Not shown:
* Ash Stars Long PJ setfrom GNancy.
* Emile et Ida Chaussette Chat Socks - from Smallable.
* Petite Bateau underwear setfrom Smallable.

Girl, age 18 months
* Crochet Zaney Zebrafrom La De Dah Kids.
* Black and White Stars Long PJs Setfrom GNancy.
* Down to the woods little lambfrom Gleebooks.
* Emile et Ida Chaussette Chat Socksfrom Smallable.
* Collegien Slipper Socks - Pandafrom Mr Wolf Kids.
Not shown:
Petite Bateau underwear set - from Smallable.

images the indigo crew


  1. oooh i like the idea of a microscope... i found zak really hard to buy for this year! I also grabbed a la de dah kids striped monkey for miss annika. i don't like soft toys BUT she has to have one thing to snuggle and cuddle, right?! x

  2. You don't have to convince me ;-)

    The microscope was actually a birthday present that we held back on. At the time he was getting so many and it felt like it would be better appreciated another time. Hence being so organised come Christmas time. Something similar happened with the fairy wings. x