Monday 3 November 2014


Sometimes the hardest things to find for little ones are the most basic. Almost every child needs some sort of sleepwear, especially in winter. And when the seasons change, so does what's required. Up until now I've mostly relied on buying neutral leggings and tops as I've struggled to find pyjamas that I'd want to buy, especially in high-street stores. Surprisingly, many of my favourite kids boutiques only stock one or two, if any, pjs. But I do like the idea of designated sleepwear - changing into something that's clearly for sleep sends the message that it's time to slow down, and start thinking about the quiet hours ahead.

Now that the warmer months are coming to Australia, I've been searching for summer sleepwear. And I was really pleased to find a range that not only looks both sweet and stylish, but is designed and made in Sydney. 

G Nancy is a range created by Georgia Nicholson, a New Zealander who now bases herself in Australia. She came up with the concept of playful good-quality kids pjs after working as a nanny while studying fashion design. The collection is for children aged 0 to 10.

Find Georgia on Instagram @gdotnancy

images courtesy of g nancy

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