Monday 8 December 2014


Reading books with my children is one of my favourite pastimes. The classics, usually, are popular for a reason. Although I've found some age better than others. My son and I started The Wind in the Willows, but have yet to finish it. But perhaps it's more of an age issue. And some books appeal more to one child than the other. My son never had much interest for Peter Rabbit but my daughter loves it. 

Then there are contemporary books. Some I love because they are so beautiful, and I appreciate their artistic merits. But sometimes, they don't always appeal to the little ones. It can be because the stories don't hold enough interest, or that the illustrations are too beautiful - and not engaging enough.

But when all the right elements meet - it's a happy day, for all concerned. Enter Sippy & Sunny: A Byron Bay Adventure.

The texture and colour of the cover got me in, and my daughter became transfixed from the first question: "Do you know who it was?"

She was shaking her head.

"You won't believe it..."

Her eyes opened wide, and wider... For the rest of the book, she was pointing at various parts of the beautiful illustrations by Bec Winnel, and asking questions about the characters, and if she too could hold a koala one day.

The book is co-authored by Vicki Wood, who came up with a first draft of sorts while trying to help her granddaughter go to sleep. Kelly Elsom, Vicki's daughter, is the other author, and behind The Elsoms musical group.

It is a magical book on many levels, but the last word must go to my daughter. When we got to the end, she said: "Can we read it again"

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