Wednesday 17 December 2014


For one of our advent calendar activities, we decided to go ice-skating. It's something we've talked about over the years, and were excited to finally make it happen.

Macquarie Ice Rink was an easy drive from our home in the inner-city, and as it's located within that suburb's shopping centre, parking was available, although busy on a weekend leading up to Christmas.

While the facilities were a little old and tired, the staff were helpful and the site, overlooking towering plants, was quite pleasant. 

The main disappointment was that there were no "penguins" or other devices for the children to hold onto or push. This meant the three-year-old did minimal skating, and the 18-month-old was relegated to the sidelines. However, the six-year-old was keen to give ice-skating a go. And while he said it was harder than skiing, he never wanted to leave the ice.

Overall it was a fun experience, but next time I would search for a rink that catered to all ages. I've heard good things about Canterbury Ice Rink. And there are temporary sites that are set up during the colder winter months, such as the venue in Bondi and out the front of St Mary's Cathedral.

Here's what we learnt on our trip to Macquarie Ice Rink.

* Tickets are cash only.
* If you are novices or have very young children, buy your ticket at the start of the second hour of the session for a discount. (Each session runs for two hours - so check the times beforehand.)
* Get your parking ticket validated before leaving the rink as they will add an extra hour to your ticket.
* Take spare clothes in the event of wet bottoms.


  1. Ah! Another memory! So many childhood birthday parties and even school PE lessons were spent there!

    1. PE lessons?! What fun. And birthday parties sounds like a good idea too. Thanks for taking the time to comment.