Monday 22 December 2014


It is telling that to write this review I had to go searching for the book and found it in my three-year-old daughter's bed, next to her while she was fast asleep. It's her current favourite.

We bought The Twelve Days of Christmas by Jane Ray late last week on a visit to a local bookshop. I have to admit that I bought it after only a quick flick. The illustrations seemed sweet and I liked that it was bringing to life a Christmas song that I have been singing for as long as I can remember.

When we returned home that day, we read it almost straight away. It was a big hit. She enjoyed the singing element, although we read it too, and we both got lost in all the layers of the illustrations. There is so much detail. For example, one of my favourite pages is "eleven pipers piping" because almost every one of them is playing a different pipe, which gave us a chance to talk about different musical instruments. The book is also great for counting all the different gifts. 

I think we will be reading this book many times more before Christmas is over, and that's going to be fine with both of us.

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