Monday 19 January 2015


Over the weekend we created a makeshift teepee from garden stakes, builders line and a bed sheet. The kids liked it so much that they wanted to sleep in it that night.

This is how we did it.

Note: There are a few no-sew teepee tutorials out there, but this version is even easier (although, perhaps, a less permanent solution). Rather than weaving fabric through the posts we just wrapped a queen-sized flat sheet over the top and kept it it in place with safety pins. Obviously, if you are worried about them as a safety hazard you could tack-sew or use a hot-glue gun.

 8 garden stakes
Builders line
Queen-sized flat bed sheet
Safety pins or a hot-glue gun

1 Arrange your stakes/poles against a wall and weave the builders line under and over until it reaches the beginning again then tie a knot.
2 Gather the stakes/poles together.
3 Wrap more of the line or twine around the bundle as you fan them out from the bottom.
4 Once in position start weaving the builders line around each pole to hold the frame in place. Leave a gap at the front opening. Wrap more line/twine around the top of the front opening.
5 Wrap a bed sheet around the frame, leaving a gap where the opening will be. Tuck the ends back near opening and safety pin in place. Decorate! We used some garlands from Nomades.

images the indigo crew

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