Friday 23 January 2015


It always amazes me how children respond to objects that aren't toys. We have a cardboard box that's getting great use at the moment - it's currently a "popcorn machine" and filled with about 50 sheets of scrunched up paper - popcorn, of course. Something similar happened when this sleeping bag from Fabrik arrived. 

I won a gift voucher to the online store through an Instagram loop giveaway by Hubble + Duke. For my prize, I chose one of Sarah Hardie's beautiful kids sleeping bags. I had been coveting one for a while.

When it arrived there was much excitement to put it to use straight away. And everyone wanted a turn. Since then it has gone in the teepee, been on various beds, used as a pillow and something to climb on, and now the bag that it comes in has become a sleeping bag of sorts for panda bear.

The actual sleeping bag has two layers of fabric so while it's not technically reversible (because it doesn't have the necessary zip) you can turn it inside out easily for a different look. The fabric is soft and the print should keep it looking clean. It's also quite light-weight so while it ended up getting kicked off during Sydney's recent run of warm summer nights, it will be perfect the rest of the year. More than anything, it's a little bit of fun.

The only problem is that Fabrik has sold out of its current range. A new delivery is arriving soon though. Fingers crossed.

images the indigo crew

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