Tuesday 2 June 2015


“I’m standing at the dining table, which is where everything happens. Kids homework, Mexican feasts with friends and making all our grand plans. It’s definitely where the action is and it’s one of my favourite places to be.”

Madeleine Sargent stepped behind her sewing machine to help find a way out of post-natal depression following the birth of her first child, son Otto. She found it therapeutic and learnt that she enjoyed the creative process. Five years later, after the birth of her daughter Coco, Madeleine started to make cloud mobiles from vintage handkerchiefs, as well as hanky blankies, under the name Made by Mosey and they put her on the crafting map. In recent years she’s expanded her range to include feather garlands and a range of cool and colourful cushions. You can read about her early journey on Daily Imprint. Here, she shares a little more about herself.

1 As a child I used to wear… the best clothes. My mum dressed me and my siblings beautifully. Denim overalls, patent Mary Janes, tights and liberty smocks, short shorts and tee-shirts with rainbows.

2 My bedroom was… shared with my sister. So much fun! Endless dreaming, plotting, make-believe and dressing up. Lots of posters of Whitney Houston and Leonardo Di Caprio plastered on the walls too. 

3 When I was a teenager I used to… dream of travelling, falling in love and being a back-up singer for De La Soul. Two out of three isn’t so bad. 

4 After high school I wanted to be… a photographer. 

5 A seminal moment was… having my son at 25. My husband, who was 23 at the time, and I stepped up to the challenge albeit penniless and petrified! We were fortunate to have a safety net beneath us woven from love and support of the strongest kind so whenever we fell, we were able to get right back up. My husband and I have come a long way together and I’m very proud of the little family we’ve created.

6 I never thought I would… have a baby at 25! 

7 I've learnt to… accept that I will never be able to have long, blonde, straight hair that moves. 

8 I know… a lot of hip-hop lyrics - especially early 90s - and drop them into conversations frequently. 

9 I share because… it’s fun and feels good to share. I also love the community and conversation and want to contribute in some small way. 

10 If I had an unexpected morning to myself I would… still spend it at the studio. I love what I do and pinch myself that I’m able to do it so you would definitely find me at the my machine sewing. And pinching.

image courtesy of madeleine sargent

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