Friday 5 June 2015


Two Christmases ago the almost seven-year-old received a box of felt mosaics as a gift. It does tend to get used more when the weather is cooler, such as the other weekend when we were all happy to sit around the kitchen table in our pyjamas for that little bit longer and just take time to enjoy the warm indoors. One interesting development is that the three-year-old has started to develop an interest in it, although the packaging does recommend from ages 5+.

Eeboo's Felt Mosaics comes with a set of cards that suggest different patterns you can make based on different themes - such as people or transparency. Of course, you can just make your own patterns too.

It's a fun way to play with colour, patterns and shape. And counting and sequences. Whenever we play with these types of games, it's a good way to throw in questions about multiples or addition/subtraction.

We bought ours from a local children's shop, Shorties, but you can also buy it on Ebay.

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