Wednesday 17 June 2015


If it wasn't for books, I might not have noticed that the three year old is entering a new developmental stage. She is starting to enjoy many of the books that her brother read in preschool. She's not a baby or a toddler anymore. And while she still has an appreciation for "pretty" things and "princesses", she is more willing to read a range of topics now too.

I realised this after we recently read Stuck by Oliver Jeffers. She had never really got into his earlier series How to Catch a Star, Lost and Found and The Way Back Home, which I was almost able to recite after reading them to her brother when he was a toddler. 

But she finds Stuck funny, and has asked to read it several times. She understands its humour, and can see the silliness in the situation.

It's so wonderful to see some books have universal appeal.

images the indigo crew

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