Monday 25 January 2016


School is taking on a whole new colour this year. It's going to be different in so many ways. New school, new area, new faces. And no uniforms. 

For Christmas, the children received backpacks as gifts. We wanted something practical but still a little fun - hence, the colours. And also something that they could potentially use when we travel to see family.

The Kanken backpacks were a big hit, and now we're just trying to find a water bottle that fits in the side pocket. 

Also, everyone's set with new shoes. The girls have sandals and boots from Poppeto. Classic navy and with velcro fastening. Our son got a pair of Superga, which also have velcro.

As for clothes, classic neutrals for him and floral prints from the likes of Printebebe for the girls (excellent at hiding dirt).

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