Wednesday 27 January 2016


An appeal of moving to our current location is that we are still only about 20 minutes from the coastline. As it turns out, given Sydney traffic, this is no different to when we were living in the city. On Sunday we set out to explore Umina Beach. The primary reason we chose this location was because of the surf conditions. Our son was keen to get on a board again, and the southern end of the beach has some swell but is generally protected enough that none of the waves are too big - perfect for beginners.

When we first arrived there were many dogs roaming around, and while I can see the appeal of this to dog owners, I was initially put off. However, after watching the eldest two surf and boogie board for a while, the littlest and I went for a walk along the nearby rocks. It turned out to be a good decision.

She enjoyed walking barefoot along the rock ledge, splashing in the little pools and picking up shells. We also spied crabs and a few small fish. Later the older children joined us, and they enjoyed talking about the sandstone ledge and the patterns we could find. 

There were a few people about, but mainly young children, and families. While it is perhaps one of the busier beaches in the area, it still doesn't compare with the crowds in Sydney. And the opportunity to explore the coastline meant that we all had a great day. Our budding young surfers too!

PS The littlest is wearing a great beach dress from Printebebe.

images the indigo crew

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