Tuesday 26 January 2016


Sometimes unexpected books are the best kind. School boy received How to make Stonehenge out of biscuits - a years worth of crazy ideas! by Tracey Turner from a relative living in the UK. It was a Christmas present that we only picked up a few weeks ago from our postal box due to our move.

While he was excited to receive the gift, after a first reading he was a little frustrated that it was written with an emphasis on Northern Hemisphere seasons. This was probably because a few weeks before he had felt the same disappointment when one of his space books only had a map of the night sky showing stars in the Northern Hemisphere too. 

But since then, it has become one of his current favourite books. He asks us to read it often, and reads it at random times of the day too. We are told various random pieces of information from it regularly. It's amazing what children absorb, and what they find interesting.

On January 24 he read about the founding of the Boy Scout movement in the UK. The book makes suggestions about various activities, and for this day it said, why not pitch a tent - even if it's indoors. So that's what he wanted to do. The following day we went out and collected some bamboo to make a frame and hung a piece of fabric and he has been sleeping under his "tent" ever since.

It's a book that appeals to his interest in facts, and general knowledge about the world. And he enjoys the suggested activities. And now the Northern Hemisphere references don't seem to bother him at all.

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