Monday 22 February 2016


After continual rain in January, it's been wonderful to feel the summer sun again this month. It's meant that we've been able to get out to the beach, and enjoy the great outdoors in general.

While I often buy ahead of a season, I've learnt that there are no certainties when it comes to children and what they will love wearing. So I thought I'd share what have been some of the big hits of the summer.


This dress belonged to her sister but now she has claimed it as her own. No sooner is it washed then it's straight back on again. 
Dress - a few seasons ago from Mabo Kids.

Beach dress
Both girls have one of these dresses and it's ideal for wearing to the beach. It's light and airy (so can be worn with comfort in the heat), has long sleeves (so we don't need to worry about sunscreen) and it doesn't matter if it gets wet (which is what the beach is all about). She also constantly wears her long-sleeved top in the same print but seagrass colour.
Beach dress - Printebebe.

We're a shoes-off-in-the-house family, so these are perfect for a younger child who doesn't know how to tie laces yet. The velcro means they are easy to get on and off. They are leather too and have moulded well to the shape of her feet.
Shoes - Poppeto.

The two-year-old is obsessed with this hat. Even though it's getting a little small on her, no other one will do. It provides enough sun shade while folding easily into her bag or ours. (She also loves this dress from Peggy, which will soon have to become a smock top as she's growing.)
Hat - Printebebe.

Both girls have a swimsuit from Petit Bateau. Strangely, the four-year-old's often falls off her shoulders so I had to adjust with ribbon. This one seems to be a slightly different cut and is the two-year-old's current favourite.
Swimsuit - Petit Bateau.

Similarly to her Mabo Kids dress, as soon as this nightie is washed it's back on again. When it was first given as a gift, she wasn't interested in trying it on, and then didn't like the labels - but once they were cut she has hardly taken it off.
Nightie - G Nancy.


Dresses still feature prominently, such as above, however, the swirling, twirling dresses she favoured six months ago have now made way for jumpsuits she can climb trees in and roam around the property without having to worry about getting caught in long grasses. This jumpsuit wasn't worn much when we were living in the city, but now it's on regular rotation. It is not as high cut in the leg as some others which makes it more of a standalone outfit rather than a jumpsuit that needs to go underneath a skirt. The dresses she does wear though tend to be this one from Minouche (as it's short enough to wear while walking through bushland) and the fine crinkle cotton Faerie dress from Printebebe, as it's not too long (it's her sister's!) but super cool.
Jumpsuit - a few seasons ago from Mabo Kids.

Beach dress
As above - Printebebe.

As above - Poppeto.

As above - Printebebe.

This swimsuit seems to provide the perfect fit for the four-year-old and she loves wearing it.
Swimsuit - The Bathers Company

Both girls love their "cat nighties", but they also both enjoy wearing their beautiful linen nightdresses from Bonne Mere. Perfect for hot summer nights. For the four-year-old it's probably a tie between the two different styles.
Sleepwear - Bonne Mere.


Coolness is important for the seven-year-old boy. He notices heat and humidity easily and so lightweight t-shirts are important for him. This thin t-shirt is one of his favourites.
T-shirt - Mampapa.

As he is a slim fit a lot of board shorts are too loose on his frame. These swimmers from The Bathers Company have been great for him, particularly at the beach.
Swimsuit - The Bathers Company.

We only received these PJs recently, however, he has worn them regularly as they're a loose fit and he doesn't get too hot at night. When it's slightly cooler, he enjoys wearing his star PJs from G Nancy.
Sleepwear - Little Winnie.

Both the seven-year-old and his four-year-old sister enjoy wearing the paper straw Dingo hat from Fallen Broken St Kids. It provides enough sun protection but is not so tight that it makes them hot wearing it. It's similar to ones that the adults in the house wear too, which I think might have some influence.
Hat - Fallen Broken St Kids.

images the indigo crew


  1. Such a lovely post! Could you do the same about women clothing?
    You have a wonderful taste!

    1. Thank you for your suggestion. I've just done a post along these lines. And thank you also for your kind words.