Tuesday 2 February 2016


While December was a short month here in the Treetops house it was action-packed and event-filled. We moved on December 21, and had moments when we wondered if we were actually going to get into the house. The removalists didn't want to drive their truck up the hill, after knocking down one of the powerlines in their first and only attempt. In the end, we had to wait for them to get a utility truck from their depot and take smaller loads up one by one.

But the children weren't fazed. The girls jumped in the bath - something we haven't had in our homes for seven years! - while the removalists were still waiting for the ute to arrive. And over the next few days, despite the unseasonably cool weather, the children enjoyed exploring the property, which includes three ponds, bamboo groves, a yurt and a greenhouse. There are 26 acres here, most of which is bushland.

The essentials were unpacked first - and the Christmas decorations. We managed to salvage our craft tree and Santa found our new home. We left the chimney door open to make it easy for him to get inside.

For most of the first month the children and I were without a car, while it was used to commute to and from Sydney to finish off renovation work on our previous home. Almost every day we baked from whatever we could find in the pantry, as we had no way of going to the grocery store. One day it was bread without yeast. Other days it was orange cake or biscuits. We made a start on pruning the garden, which is overgrown and in need of major love and attention.

The surrounding landscape has provided endless interest - even when we're indoors. The children enjoy spotting birds - and we've seen blue wrens as well as cockatoos and rosellas. They even enjoy sitting at the table discerning shapes - such as dragons and rabbits - out of the clouds that hover above the expanse of trees visible from our windows.

We saw in the New Year somewhat exhausted but excited about the big changes that are set to unfold in the year ahead.

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