Monday 8 February 2016


It has been an eventful week at Treetops House. The start of another new chapter for the children, attending a nearby school. On the first day we encountered all sorts of hurdles along the way. A cow had escaped from a neighbouring farm and we were cautioned to drive slowly as it walked right past our car. A little further down the road a goose was crossing the road and closer to the school we had to stop for a tractor. If was there any day that highlighted how our lives had changed, this was it. The school run will never be the same!

To celebrate the end of the preschoolers' week, we stopped for milkshakes at a local scenic spot. There is a sign for platypuses. But we have yet to see any. The same for wombats, which are also supposed to be common in the area. However, we have been woken many times this week by a possum on our roof. We found it's hiding place too - in a cavity above the boot room. Now we need to find a way to encourage it to move on.

The move to the country has shown us a side to this girl we didn't know existed. We knew she loved animals. But turns out she has a fondness for all creatures. While we were cultivating the soil for the vegie garden, she spent about 15 minutes playing with a millipede on her hands. This past week when the girls went down to the mail box, there was a frog inside. After it hopped away, she managed to catch it and held it in her hands, not wanting to let it go. 

The star charts are in use again, and for his most recent full card, the seven-year-old asked for a typewriter. Instead, I let him use mine and ordered some new ribbon. He has started to write letters to one of his Sydney friends and his new teacher, as well as a new story. One day he typed the alphabet while his sister sang along. It's like having Hemingway in the house, hearing the clack-clacking of the keys.

The four-year-old has shown an interest in chapter books. She had found one of her brother's: The Boy who Climbed Into the Moon by David Almond - and we started to read it at a random spot, based on the illustrations, which she enjoys. We have read a new chapter every night since.

A big project began this week. The building of the children's treehouse. We have a long dream list of features for the property but most of them will require time to work out the lay of the land. However, we decided on a spot for the treehouse - within sight and sound of the house. Even though it is only the scaffolding that has gone up so far, the older two spent hours climbing along the framework and just sitting on the beams.

It has only been about a week since we planted the start of a vegetable garden but already the lettuce and rocket has doubled in size. The taste is much stronger than what we're used to, which makes us wonder what happens to the lettuce we usually buy for it to have such a "watered down" taste. These leaves were put to good use in wraps at lunchtime. 

Kangaroos were spotted on a neighbouring farm during a Sunday morning walk. We see a mob of them on one hill about a five-minute drive from our home, but only one or two on other properties. This trio was spotted less than a kilometre from our place.

images the indigo crew

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