Thursday 12 February 2015


A bouquet of gerberas turned up unexpectedly this afternoon and they were calling out to be made into a flower crown. We've made makeshift ones out of roadside flowers before - more in the style of a daisy chain - but this time we needed to make something a little sturdier. Gerberas are quite a heavy flower with a thick stem so extra support was required.

Our three-year-old daughter wanted to help so she was asked to pull out the existing wire and trim the stems down. She then spent the rest of the time cutting all the stems into little pieces, but that's okay. Good fine motor skill practice, right.

Flowers - we used gerberas
Copper wire - or some other sturdy wire you have at hand
Scissors or secateurs

1. Trim wire to required length allowing for some overlap. Twist the ends to secure tight.
2. Remove wire from gerberas and trim stems to about 1-2cm long. Thread wire back through the stub of the stem and wrap the ends around the wire crown frame. Repeat.

Tip: We have put our flowers in the fridge overnight to help them last a little longer.

images courtesy of the indigo crew 


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  2. So beautiful! S is a little stunner xx

    1. She LOVED this project, Belinda. It really is the simple things, isn't it. x