Tuesday 3 February 2015


About six months after our first child was born we sold our apartment and moved into rental accommodation. It was supposed to be a short-term move but because we enjoyed being closer to the beach, and had a great group of neighbours, we stayed for about three years. As our son started to stand and walk, we wanted to record his growth. But because we would be leaving the apartment one day, pencil-marking a door jamb or wall wasn't an option. At the time the only paper height charts I could find were too cutesy for the rest of our decor.

The solution seemed to be make one of our own. Since that time the height chart has moved to two more homes and measured two more children. It's also been transferred to countless bedrooms as we have a tendency to swap rooms regularly. When we have needed to move, transport or store, we just roll it up and use a piece of washi tape to keep it contained. Now the girls are a little older, they really enjoy checking on their progress too. Plus, it was easy to make and virtually cost-free.

- a roll of kraft paper
- scissors
- ruler
- pencil
- Sharpie or permanent maker
- rubber number stamps

1. Measure and cut a 2.1m length of kraft paper. I used the whole width of the role so didn't need to trim. 
2. On the left-hand side measure 1cm intervals vertically and pencil mark (or use a marker straight away if you feel confident) 10cm across and 20cm across for every 10cm. For every 1m I went across 15cm.
3. Once you've gone over the markings in marker, use rubber stamps for the numbers.
4. Hang against a wall, ensuring the bottom is touching the ground, and tape at the top. I usually add a little Blu-Tak at the bottom to stop it flapping in the breeze.

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