Monday 2 February 2015


One of our favourite day trips from before Christmas was when we drove south of Sydney and visited the Royal National Park. It's almost an hour's drive from the city but even on approach you start to feel as if you are in another world. The trees are dense and the sound of the cicadas at the right time of year is like an orchestra greeting you.

To enter the national park you must pay an entry fee and we decided to purchase an annual pass as it covers parks across the state. There are many areas within the Royal National Park to visit too, including Bundeena, Garie Beach and multiple walking tracks. We decided on Wattamolla as it has a lagoon and is quite safe for children to play in the water.

To get to the actual beach you have to walk along a board walk and bush track and then cross a lagoon. At the time we visited it was waist high so we had to carry bags and babes on shoulders. But that was all part of the adventure, and added to the excitement of visiting. 

Once we had crossed we camped on a sandy verge next to the lagoon and explored some of the surrounding area. There is a waterfall and some people were jumping off rocks on a cliff face. We found a lower rock which was fun and an easy jump for our eldest child. The older two had to wade through water to get to it though. Near the entrance to the lagoon is another tributary where you could kayak too. 

* Take food, drinks and supplies with you as there are no shops or facilities in the lagoon area but note that you will have to carry everything with you.
* There are BBQ facilities and amenities near the car park.
* There is a cafe and shop at the Audley Dance Hall Cafe - this is where we purchased our visitor pass.
* Many people took blow-up dinghies and li-los into the lagoon.

images the indigo crew

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