Wednesday 25 February 2015


The day after we read this book together our son came downstairs to breakfast and said, "Did you know that a lion's roar can be heard five miles away?" He had taken Out of Sight by Pittau & Gervais (Chronicle Books) to bed that night and read over once again all the facts inside.

I came across it at a local book store and was attracted to the clever format. It's a flip book with each page themed. One page shows different animals' horns, another their tales while another shows footprints or fur markings. 

It's a book that appeals to all of the children. The 19-month-old enjoys flipping the pages and seeing the kangaroo (she's obsessed with them every since we saw them on a recent holiday). The three-year-old likes to play guessing games about what animal might be underneath while the six-year-old enjoys the facts, and guessing too.

This is such a wonderful book that engages children with learning, and starts conversations. It's educational for adults too. Did you know that a rhinoceros horn isn't a true horn - it's made out of dense hair?!

The book was originally published in France under the name Axinamu.

images the indigo crew


  1. Ok I did know it wasn't a horn but whoever told me that neglected to tell me what it was so now I know! Haha this looks great - you have a knack for finding great books x

    1. This really was an unexpected find when we went to the book shop the other day. It's one of the things that online stores haven't managed to replicate in the same way... yet. x