Monday 9 November 2015


One of the things that I love about Instagram is getting ideas from other parents. Sometimes these can be recipes or a beautiful item of clothing, but I always appreciate seeing something that I can translate into action for my family. About a week or so ago Andrea from Izegu Tribe shared an image of an encyclopaedia that she had created with her son. Her idea was to write down topics that he was interested in, and research them together. She has gone to a lot of detail, and it's worth looking at the entry on her feed. It is of a megalodon, an extinct species of shark, and shows the word written in three languages, includes a drawing and facts about its size and theories on why it became extinct.

This idea of personalised encyclopaedia really appealed, and over the weekend I set about creating a "book of questions" for each child. My son is often asking questions that I don't know a good answer on the spot - certainly not a detailed one enough for his enquiring mind - so to be able to write down the questions and look them up later seems like a great solution.

Of course, the girls wanted one too. And so we had fun with some drawing and questions more related to their interests.

I used a small Moleskin notebook that fits easily in my handbag and means that any question can be recorded on the spot. It is also a nice why of acknowledging a child's interests and showing them that adults don't know all of the answers to life's questions, and that research can be worthwhile and interesting.

image the indigo crew

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