Friday 20 November 2015


My son has an ability to create a project out of almost anything. Last weekend while my husband was renovating, he got his sisters to help him collect some sawdust and they turned it into an art project. They really loved creating these artworks - I think it had a lot to do with sticking their hands in the pot of sawdust! Sand or some other dry material would work equally well too. It was just as much fun for the seven-year-old as the two-year-old. Of course, the results were quite different. I have to admit that there was sawdust all over the kitchen floor but they had a lot of fun. Next time I will set up a craft station outside. 

Sawdust (or sand)
Glue stick

1.  Use a glue stick similar to a pencil and create a design on the piece of paper.
2. Sprinkle sawdust on top - quite generously.
3. Up-end the paper so the excess saw dust falls off.
4. Allow to dry.

images the indigo crew

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