Monday 23 November 2015


This time last year I was feeling a lot more organised for Christmas. But then this time last year we weren't doing lots of building work on the house, and about to undergo some major life changes (more on that later, if the planets align) with a lot of uncertainty hanging over our heads. 

Initially I didn't think I was doing too badly as I had session on Pinterest a little while back and picked out some beautiful toys that I thought would make great presents. I'm still going back to this compilation to consult it, as well as go over a list that I've started to compile in my notebook.

Each year there are some categories that I like to cover off:

PJs - This year I've decided to get short-sleeved sets and nighties given that Christmas is in summer, and the children already have lots of long-sleeved pairs. My daughter has also asked me more than once if she can get new star pyjamas (from G Nancy) as she's outgrown her others. Couldn't resist the cat illustration nighties though. I got the short-sleeved version of the white star PJs for my son.

Books - Every year I like to buy each child a new book. My son's school class started reading Charlotte's Web recently but they only read the first few chapters. It's one of my favourite books from childhood so I bought it so we can read it together. The four-year-old has the other Ruby Red Shoes book, and so I thought she might enjoy Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris. And the two-year-old is a big fan of the other Eric Carle books, and The Bad-Tempered Ladybird is one of the few that we don't already own.

Socks - While not perhaps the most exciting presents for them, new socks are required from time to time and it's a great stocking filler. Recently, we were one of the winners in the Smallable birthday prize competition so I've picked out these socks for the girls.

Clothing - I always think it's nice to have some clothes associated with Christmas, especially if they are items that can be then worn on the day. Over the weekend, I'm going to log onto Printebebe and maybe get the girls these dresses.

Games - Overall, I'm not a huge fan of games and toys. I find that they don't get used a whole heap (certainly not at this age with my little ones) - nothing in comparison to our art and craft supplies, which we already have ample. However, I do like the educational element of this Cuisenaire set, and my son is obsessed with numbers and fractions.

Something practical - My son needs a new bike helmet and I like the look and sound of these Egg helmets as they're suitable for multiple sports. 

Stocking fillers - Every year Santa brings a mango and some nuts for the children. No chocolates, though. He's very health conscious! (And grandparents seem to supply enough of those for everyone.)

No doubt there will be some other little bits and pieces that we will pick up along the way, but this feels like a good start.

images the indigo crew

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