Thursday 2 April 2015


The three-year-old came home yesterday from preschool with a Easter gift bag (filled with some homemade treats) decorated to look like a rabbit. Well, it had the ears cut out and a sticker on each ear. It was very sweet and a great idea. So today we decided to make some after lunch and customise them with whatever craft supplies we could find at home. 

Here are some of the materials we used:
Googly eyes
Black paper twine - for whiskers
Texta - to draw on a mouth and whiskers
Fabric - cut into circles for cheeks or ears
Felt - for a tongue
Black washi tape - cut out into the shape of a mouth, or to hold the whiskers into place
Mini pom poms - for the nose and cheeks
Cotton balls - for ears
Brown paper bags - we used the lunch bag size ones

* When cutting the ear shapes fold the paper bag in half lengthways so you can get roughly symmetrical ears.

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