Monday 20 April 2015


Towards the end of last year we bought an annual National Parks pass. It was purchased on our way to Wattamolla in the Royal National Park. After spending the past few weeks focussed on home-based projects, we were keen to get out and about again and stretch our eyes, as well as our legs. We decided to head back down south as Australia's oldest national park, and while it isn't the largest in the country - that title goes to Kakadu - at 16,000 hectares, there's plenty to explore. 

As we are now well and truly in autumn, we were after an activity that involved some moderate bush walking. We read about Jibbon Beach and the Aboriginal Rock Engravings that can be accessed through a track. It seemed perfect.

The drive south from the city is about an hour long. Jibbon Beach is past the main town of Bundeena and can be accessed by a side passage in-between a couple of homes. When we visited the beach was almost deserted, and the (unpatrolled) water was calm. No big waves here as it lies within the bay of Port Hacking.

The walk to the Aboriginal Rock Engravings is 1.2km and suitable for most ages. Our youngest - not yet two-years-old - managed to walk most of the way. The area of the engravings is on a raised platform, so you can look down and not posing any damage to the area from wear. There are about five engravings and interesting to view.

Feet were less energetic on the walk back, but everyone enjoyed the day out.

images the indigo crew

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