Tuesday 14 April 2015


I often find that the more tricky a space is to create and decorate, the more creative I become. Initially this room was long and narrow, and quite small. Plus, it had a chimney breast creating an awkward indent into the footprint of the room. But the more we worked through how this space could work, the more ideas we developed. And the more creative we have become with the decor.

The main criteria were to have a space large enough for a single bed and to create a built-in wardrobe. The solution was to build a false wall in front of the chimney breast and extend it so that there would be a wall along the length of the bed. The added bonus of this decision was that we were able to create a series of shelves (for books, etc) in the alcove left by the fireplace. This became the perfect spot to place a desk.

The head of the bed is created by the back wall of the floor-to-ceiling wardrobes. The rooms are 3m high so there's plenty of space to store bedding as well as clothes and toys.

Around the time we were ready to move the youngest into her room, we were considering transitioning her from a cot to a bed ahead of an overseas trip we have planned in a few months' time. Now seemed the perfect opportunity to do this. Initially we were going to get an antique sleigh bed but then the idea of the camp bed struck. It is nice and low on the ground so she can get in and out by herself. It also is less of a distance to bump her head if she falls out. 

The Safari daybed by Danish designer Ole Knudsen Gjerlov is from Dunlin Home. It can be used for camping, the garden, as a daybed or guest bed in your home. It comes in a canvas bag and takes only a few minutes to assemble. It also means that if she gets to the stage when she's not comfortable or supported then we can easily pack it away, or move it to another part of the house.

To provide some comfort and cushioning on the bed, I sourced these Mushkane printed floor cushions. I had used them on a photo shoot a while back and they had always stayed in my mind. We often read books on the floor and these are great to create a nook. I bought them from Mamapapa in Avalon. To find your local stockist, you can contact Nomades.

The canopy was also from Mamapapa, as was the Tamar Mogendorff swallow bird, which has been hung from a branch.

The best news is that the toddler loves her bed and has been sleeping better on it than in her cot.

Happy to provide info on other items that I sourced for the room.

images the indigo crew


  1. Hi - I'm just wondering how the daybed is holding up? It's beautiful, but it looks like it might be - or become - wobbly? Thanks

    1. Hi, It was great with the toddler until about six months ago. She moves a lot in her sleep so we think she maybe couldn't roll in it enough. However, once she moved out of it, her 5 year old sister asked to sleep in it and she's been sleeping in it happily for many months. Perhaps it depends on the type of sleeper your child is.