Wednesday 1 April 2015


I wanted to include this book in our little online collection here because it's one that all three children have responded to in a strong if somewhat slightly different way.

Sounds of the Wild: Birds by Maurice Pledger was a gift given to our eldest son when he was about three. Straight away he was fascinated by the different sounds that the book made when you turned each page. It is divided into different bird categories: the dawn chorus, moors and mountains, wading in the wetlands, in the desert, and the tropical rainforest. Often these types of books hold a novelty value for a while - because of the sounds - and then children grow bored with them. However, he became quite fascinated to learn the different birds on each page. We would play guessing games and read about each one.

As he slowly outgrew it, our current three-year-old has shown a great deal of interest too. Yes, she likes to listen to the sounds as she turns the pages, and guess the birds, but she has also used the book for dance performances! She places the book down in a room and starts to dance to the different bird sounds. It's so sweet, and something completely unexpected.

The littlest also loves engaging with the colourful pages and sounds, but her journey with this book is just beginning.

images the indigo crew

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