Wednesday 15 April 2015


This is a book that I first spotted over the Christmas period, but the title intrigued me as the three-year-old has a fear of the dark. I hoped that it might be able to help in some way.

Singing Away The Dark is a book written by British Columbia author Caroline Woodward, who had to walk a mile from her homestead to the school bus stop to attend a two-room school in Cecil Lake. The story starts with a mother telling her daughter about when she was six, and had to walk a long way to school. It follows her journey as a child through the cold and dark in the snow. "I must be brave," she says. And when she sings the darkness disappears.

The beautiful illustrations are by Julie Morstad, who has illustrated a few children's books, including When You Were Small and its sequel Where You Came From.

The three-year-old enjoyed asking questions about images in the book - what the girl was wearing, and why, as well as what animals she could spot. It's a sweet story that she warmed to, and hopefully it will sew a seed about bravery.

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