Wednesday 5 August 2015


The other day I wasn't feeling too well so wanted to keep the girls busy with an easy craft project. As is often the case, the simpler it is, the more they seem to enjoy it. Of course, you could turn these flower petal crowns into an elaborate creation. But for a three year old and a two year old, who both like to get hands-on, this was the perfect activity.

It was also based on what was in season in our area. We had noticed that giant camellia flowers were falling from a nearby bush so we thought we would put them to good use.


1. Collect petals and separate the petals. Or you can glue down flower buds too. Sewing on petals would help them last longer. But if it's for the activity element, let them glue them down.

2. Cut strips of cardboard about 5cm wide. Measure that they will fit around the child's head.

3. Glue on petals or flower buds. Once dry staple into place. If you staple underneath the petals, it won't be noticeable.

Note: The petals will go brown with time. You could dry out the petals first and create a crown that way too.

images the indigo crew

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