Monday 24 August 2015


The Sydney Flower Markets have always been a favourite place to visit. I have fond memories of going to source tea roses for my wedding many years ago, and I've been back several times since. I usually visit on a Saturday morning, when you're not jostling against florists and you don't have to pay for parking. While the selection is not always as good, it's still ample choice for selecting fresh cut flowers for the home, or some special occasion. Florists often get to the markets at about 5am and by about 9am most stalls are closing. Sometimes this means you can bargain a little, although the prices are wholesale.

It can get quite soggy under foot, so it's worth wearing all-weather shoes. Also, it's a good idea to take containers to carry your flowers if buying in bulk. You can take a bucket or tub, or grab one of the cardboard boxes that the florists discard into the recycling.

The girls enjoyed stopping to (gently) touch the flowers and smell their fragrance. Some flowers are imported, depending on the season. 

Flowers are one of those lovely reminders of the seasons, and what is to come. Jonquils are synonymous with spring. And flowers such as lavender can be dried out and kept in small calico pouches to keep in drawers filled with clothes at home.

Even fallen flowers are given a home. The children enjoy watching them float in water. The jasmine was picked from a local bush. It's fragrance always reminds me that warmer days are on their way.

images the indigo crew

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