Thursday 27 August 2015


In the past we have used balloons en-masse to decorate our dining room for at-home birthday parties. However, as the four-year-old's party was themed "flower fairies" it seemed the obvious choice to use nature-based decorations. After finding wax flowers in abundance at the markets, I wanted to use them in some way. Because they have sturdy stems, I went with the idea of attaching them to the wall using masking tape. Breaking them into smaller stems meant that the weight of them would hold easier and after initially considering an archway of the flowers, the less traditional dispersed effect was more appealing.

As it turned out, it was also easier for little hands to help. When they saw me attaching the flowers to the wall, they wanted to do this too. They did it in a random way, with some stems upside down, which they thought was funny. I quite liked the effect, and they were having such fun, I didn't want to dampen their enthusiasm. In the end, my mum was cutting the stems, I was applying tape and the girls were sticking them to the wall. It was such a great activity to do together.

I quite enjoy decorating this wall in our dining room for 
parties. It helps to transform the space into a special place, and it's also a fun backdrop to take photos against during the party.

images the indigo crew

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