Tuesday 4 August 2015


One of the highlights of our time at The Mill House was visiting the alpine town of Alagna in Valsesia. We weren't expecting to see snow, especially as it was the height of summer during our visit, and certainly not people wearing skis. However, travelling up 3000 metres provides all sorts of wonderful surprises. Along the ride of the cable car we saw beautiful alpine settlements, cows roaming the hills with bells around their necks, and further up the top, an alpine goat climbing over the rocks and snow.

The village of Alagna itself was quite pretty, and has buildings that date to the 16th century. Many of them were created in a Walser style that belongs to a German population that founded the area in the 13th Century. As part of that ongoing tradition, there are many shops that sell wooden decorative and ornamental pieces. And there are also some delicious bakeries. We found one fantastic shop selling all sorts of sweet delicacies - Pasticceria Mirella, which is part of a B&B residence, Residence Mirella.

images the indigo crew

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