Tuesday 22 September 2015


Sometimes a craft project can be staring at you right in front of your face. The other day we received our grocery delivery and after I emptied the eggs into a basket, the carton was beckoning to be transformed into something. I'm not big on creating pieces that just go onto a craft slush pile. I prefer things that the children can play with in some way. And then I saw it - the eyes and nose. We were going to make an animal mask!

Egg carton
Pipe cleaners

1. Cut eyes and nose shape out of egg carton.
2. Colour eyes, nose and snout.
3. Pierce the snout in three spots to insert pipe cleaners. Fold over pipe cleaners at the end so they don't fall out.
4. Pierce two more holes - a little closer to the eyes - to create a place to thread the string. You can also cut out eye holes if your child wants to see through the mask.

images the indigo crew

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