Tuesday 15 September 2015


Another one of the craft projects for the four-year-old's recent-ish birthday was to create a ribbon shaker. The idea incorporates threading - or knot-tying, if they are up to that stage - and attaching a bell. It's super simple but a project that has proven popular. Every few days the preschooler picks up her shaker from her bedroom door and runs around the house dancing and singing while shaking the ribbons and bell. 

Again, before the party I cut all of the ribbon and had everything ready to go in a designated tray so that the activity could begin without too much fuss. Alternatively, you could get the children to select ribbon from reels, if you have plenty. We used some leftover Christmas ribbon for our project.

Hoop (we used bangles)
Twine or string

1. Cut ribbons and twine to required length. Thread through a hoop in a pattern of your choice. 
2. Attach bell and voila.

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