Monday 28 September 2015


It's time to catch up on a few things - spring-cleaning, the photos from our European holiday, which still haven't been printed, finishing off my son's bedroom, and lots of work. So I'm taking a mini break from the blog but I thought I'd share some of my favourite posts from the early days of starting this site. It's actually been just over a year since The Indigo Crew was launched - 13 August 2014. Have a great week and see you soon!

* All the kids took their sleeping bags on our recent trip away. Still one of our most-used buys from the past year.

* My mum had some beautiful fragrant roses in her garden which would be perfect for this project.

* We also did lots of beach combing on the weekend. This is one of the best places for finding shells.

* Home-made play dough

* We still read this book regularly.

* 10 Questions will resume again soon. Courtney Adamo of Babyccino Kids kickstarted the series in March. Read her interview here.

* We'll also get to know a little more about the people behind some of our favourite brands in Label Love, which started with the talented Dee Purdy of Une Belle Epoque.

* Hope to visit this beautiful hidden beach again.

* One of my favourite craft projects from the past year.

* Who can resist a heart-shaped apple and cinnamon tea cake?

* We've been using this book a lot recently too.

* Christmas is creeping up on us - definitely want to do this advent activity calendar again.

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