Wednesday 9 September 2015


About a year ago I bought Lulu & Pip from Mamapapa in Avalon. At the time I knew the book was a little old for my daughter, who had only turned three. But it was unlike any other children's book I had seen, so couldn't resist and decided to hide it away until she was a little older.

It is a book illustrated through photography. Each image is thoughtfully styled with a carefree nature that celebrates the wonder of childhood.

The story follows Lulu and her doll Pip who leave the big and busy city to go on a camping adventure. They find a donkey, cook a hot dog on a fire and swim in the river, among other detours.

It is written by Nina Gruener based on photography by Stephanie Rausser. Pip is a handmade rag doll by American designer Jess Brown who creates a limited edition range from Petaluma in California. You can buy the dolls through the Jess Brown or retailers such as Mamapapa.

While my daughter doesn't have one of the dolls, or hasn't read the first book - Kiki & Coco in Paris - it didn't matter. When the time came to read the book together, she was hooked. A big part of that relates to the photography. It makes the story seem more real, and sometimes at night, she likes to sleep with the book and hold it all night.

images the indigo crew

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