Thursday 4 August 2016


It is easy to fall into the trap of never leaving your home. Especially when there's always so much work to be done. There are chores indoors, and then when you have a garden it takes the level of responsibility up another notch. We have 26 acres of "garden" and while most of it is bushland, the rest keeps us so busy that some days we don't even know where to start. 

That is not to say it's not enjoyable to spend time at home - indoors and outside. We enjoy our life here. We enjoy spending our time together pottering outdoors. We enjoy keeping our hands busy, and learning more about this untamed jungle that we call home.

But we are still explorers at heart. There is a whole chapter to this site dedicated to the places we have visited and the coastline we have chartered. And there are days when it is good to give ourselves a break, allow our hands to rest and turn the page on the to-do list in our mind to one that is empty.

After a busy week of activity launching our homewares collection, we were in need of rest and focussed family time.

On Sunday the sun was shining and the temperatures felt more like spring than winter. We packed some morning tea and decided to explore the area around Norah Head on the Central Coast.

We have visited the lighthouse previously. Once we made a last-minute stop there on the way from Byron Bay to Sydney. The traffic had been gridlocked on the highway and so we decided to take a detour, stretch our legs, let the children run around, and return to the main road once the dinner rush had subsided.

This time we found a section of beach near the boat ramp where there are facilities (always handy with young children) and found a manmade lagoon bordered with rocks. While we ate our picnic lunch the tide level was low and the children enjoyed running in and out of the water. Later in the day it was much deeper and we made a mental note that it would be a good sheltered place for them to swim on another day.

After morning tea, we walked along the coastline towards the lighthouse. The surrounding escarpment appeared to have had bush regeneration as it was quite lush. There were rock pools to explore, many shell varieties to see and enough of a stretch of beach to allow for lots of running. 

There are tours of the lighthouse and you can even book to stay in some of the historic buildings but we kept walking and stopped for lunch at The Ark, a local cafe with a decent selection of food and drinks, as well as (large) children's meals.

While the area was popular, it wasn't crowded and it's a place we've bookmarked to return to, and one that we would recommend.

images the indigo crew

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