Tuesday 2 August 2016


Clothing can be seductive. Especially when buying for other people. Little people. And especially when there are so many brands now that produce clothing responsibly, by hand, or using natural or sustainable materials.

The world of childrenswear has come a long way since when our eldest son was born more than eight years ago.

But despite all of this beautiful temptation we try to minimise the amount of purchases we make. Generally, we only buy new clothing for birthdays or Christmas and when the children are in need of specific items at the turn of a new season. At the moment the girls have almost outgrown all of their tights, but I’m trying to hold off buying more until next year otherwise they will most likely be too small again.

This winter there were a few necessary purchases we had to make. And I wanted to share them as I’ve been really happy with the quality and the companies that have produced them.

Last year everyone was wearing Collegien slipper socks, which are great, but they are now too small and so I replaced them with wool felt slippers for the girls from Sew Heart Felt. They are so cute that they’re just as much decorative pieces as something to keep their feet warm.

The girls were also in need of winter jackets. As they wear them to school, I wanted something that was easy for them to fasten and unbutton. The quilted jackets from Printebebe have been great as they’re not only easy for them to wear, and go with pretty much everything in their wardrobe, but the pattern hides dirt and when the youngest has come home from preschool with paint on her jacket, it has washed right out.

They have also been wearing their desert boots from Poppeto almost every day. And they have survived life on the property and daily wear at school.

The main other winter purchases have been for the baby. He is almost three months old and fast growing out his newborn clothes. To keep him warm I have bought a merino knit cardigan from Nature Baby, organic woollen socks from Wollykins and booties and a hat from Misha and Puff.

As none of these items are overly bulky we should get wear out of them for the final month of winter, and also going into spring. But then my almost five-year-old daughter has grown out of her most of her summer dresses and we’ll start the whole process over again!

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