Monday 22 August 2016


When you are busy living life, it's sometimes hard to see how far you have come. Especially when you are a forward-looking person who rarely looks in the rear mirror. But there is value in it, as I was reminded a couple of times this past week.

Late in the week a friend came to visit and while walking through the grounds she asked if we had been taking progress shots. I had to think because it's not something that we've done consciously.

There are plenty of before photos, and many pics of the children using the spaces but not a lot of the property itself as we bring it back to life. The one exception would be the treehouse as this was one of our first projects. 

She remarked that it might be a good idea because to her eyes we had achieved a lot in eight months. However, from our perspective our work is only a chip in the mountain of what needs to be done, and the vision we have for this place.

But her words stayed with me because she is right. And it is something I've also been told in relation to my work. It's important to stop and acknowledge the small victories and steps along the way. When there's a long to-do list it's easy to get wrapped up in what lies ahead and not pat yourself on the back on for what you've already achieved.

Perhaps because my friend's words were fresh or because it was a good day in general, but over the weekend I experienced moments of gratitude - a word that I tend to associate with America and talk shows and self-help books. It's not a word that we use comfortably in Australia, which is more of a buttoned-up country when it comes to emotions and feelings. There's a reason why "She'll be right" is almost a national motto. And "no worries" is one of our most common expressions. 

But just as there is value in acknowledging small victories, it's equally important to be thankful for them too. 

Over the weekend, after we opened our gates to a group of interesting and diverse families for a child's birthday party, I had a moment of feeling, "life is good". This year we have created a home, cleared land around some of the other buildings and made connections with a new world of people.  We might not have climbed the tallest mountain but it was time to wave the flag from where we were.

image the indigo crew