Tuesday 5 May 2015


“I would’ve liked to have shared my children’s room - it’s truly my favourite space - but very much a work-in-progress
for me as I like add to their spaces as their personalities grow. However, the kitchen is by far the most used space 
in our home. I love the open space as it looks over the dining and living area, and up the hallway to the front door.
I can cook and work on small projects whilst keeping an eye on the children whilst they’re playing, creating or reading.”

It wasnt until Maiya Cassisi was pregnant with her first daughter that she decided to take a course in photography. This was after studying events management and working in that field for six years at Pernod Ricard. Maiya took night classes while pregnant with Eva and up until the birth of her second daughter, Rose. “It was something to feed my creativity and engage with other creatives in a sharing circle,” she says. Maiya gained a Certificate IV in Photoimaging at The Centre for Creative Photography in Adelaide, South Australia - a place where she was born and raised and continues to live. Her journey of learning hasn’t ended though - early last year she started a Bachelor of Midwifery at Flinders University inspired by the birth experiences with her two daughters. “I wanted to tackle the opportunity to provide care to women throughout their pregnancy, labour and post-natal period, but it was too greater challenge for me at the time with my baby and toddler,” Maiya says. While she plans to return to midwifery and tertiary studies, she wants to choose a time that fits in with her family and motherhood. “At the moment Im focussed on my two children - Eva, three, and Rose, one - whilst decluttering and simplifying our home in the lead-up to welcoming our third child.

1 As a child I used to wear... lots of florals, smock dresses, overalls, cardigans, ribbons in my hair and frilly socks on my feet. I'm the middle child between an older and younger brother so I think my mother enjoyed dressing me quite girly. 

2 My bedroom was... mostly shared with my brothers in early childhood. In my teenage years I had my own, and it sure was messy. I was always re-arranging my shelves and walls. I also remember our library of classic books, puzzles and board games and I’m so grateful my mum held onto these for the next generation.

3 When I was a teenager I used to... be a bit of a tomboy at heart - and still am - to be honest. I was outdoors at every opportunity with my brothers playing sport, riding bikes and exploring. I loved to draw and paint and I spent lots of time at the beach with my girlfriends and often borrowed my mum’s clothes and accessories.

4 After high school I wanted to be... free from routine and explore the world. My husband and I made it a priority to travel overseas prior to starting a family, which in-turn has inspired us and instilled confidence in us to travel with our children.

5 A seminal moment was... when I met my future husband. He has an effortless magnetism about him and is truly my best friend. Above all, he’s a great dad and to see him with my daughters is my greatest joy. 

6 I never thought I would... feel so rewarded by the journey of motherhood. There’s no denying, days can be challenging but beyond that is the unmeasurable love I feel for my children. My children are my greatest joy in life. They force me to re-evaluate parts of my life; constantly reminding me what really matters.

7 I’ve learnt to... “eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak”. It may sound cliché but these are a few words I try my best to live by and they keep me focused on what’s important. Through life’s experiences, I’ve developed an understanding of the importance of perspective taking and challenging my own ideas in learning.

8 I know... that I’m raising two wonderful human beings, and growing one.

9 I share because... it’s in my nature. Growing up with siblings I adopted the notion of team work and play. I enjoy the connection and sense of community. It’s lovely relating to other people’s lives and being inspired by like-minded people.

10 If I had an unexpected morning to myself I would... sleep in, then ideally spend the rest of the morning at the beach with my family.

image courtesy of maiya cassisi


  1. Well that explains the beautiful photographs! Loved hearing more about Maiya! Good luck with bubby x

    1. Makes me want to finally enrol in the photography course I've been thinking about for far too long! x