Monday 18 May 2015


In the past year or so I've noticed a big shift in my parenting style. In general I feel more confident in my skills as a mother. I don't say this as a brag, but rather as a revelation to myself. Part of it seems to be from having more children - and experience, and another part is to do with surrendering myself to motherhood - in a good way. Going with the flow, a little more. And through this process I feel that I have become more spontaneous, adaptable and able to immerse myself in the moment. I've noticed this mainly through our impromptu craft projects and play sessions. I say this because I wanted to emphasise that much of what is published on this site and on the Instagram feed has happened in the spare of the moment. While images might be cropped, there's not a whole lot of curating or choreographing going on. In other words, most of the projects are quick and easy - and a lot of fun to do with the kids. That's why I share them.

The best fun usually relates to when we surrender to our imagination and sense of play. It is not when we use a board game or employ some third-party device. It is all about us, and what we can make of the moment.

Having said that, sometimes whatever is to hand can help, and trigger the imagination. The other day the three-year-old and I were playing with some blocks. The idea came to create a pattern around her using the blocks. I asked her to lie down and started to make the arrangement. She thought this was the funniest thing ever, and kept on laughing. We both did. When she wriggled out of the space, the idea struck to create a flower. A mandala of blocks. When she saw what I was creating, she said, "It's a lotus, mama." I didn't realise that she knew what that was. Through our play, I learnt that she had done some yoga at preschool. She then showed me some poses and raised her hands in prayer to her face. It was a precious moment and one that was only possible from steering off our usual course that day.

I share this story because a year or so ago I would have found it harder to surrender to play. But it is good for both of us. All of us.

images the indigo crew


  1. Ah you've no idea how I relate to this post, so very close to home. Motherhood I believe is like the spiritual journey of fire walking, surrendering and peeling back the layers (like an onion really with tears too😂)

    1. Thanks, Justine. I've unleashed my inner child! (And loving it :-))