Wednesday 27 May 2015


Every day so far this week the three-year-old has climbed into bed with this book. We rediscovered Iggy Peck, Architect after it had been languishing a little on school boy's bookshelf. It had been a Christmas present and while he enjoyed it and picked it up from time to time, it does seem more suited for a slightly younger age group. 

However, it was when we read it all together about a week ago that the preschooler's interest in it was ignited. She enjoyed the illustrations, and making comments about the buildings and what was happening on each page.

It's been a pleasant surprise as other than Dr Seuss, she does steer more towards female-centric books - from Little Red Riding Hood to Sippy and Sunny. So to see her choose something with a male central character has been interesting, and quite rewarding.

It's a clever book on many levels. The words rhyme and so she enjoys finishing off the sentences, and it's quite an engaging narrative, about what happens on a school excursion. Both children enjoy looking at Iggy's ingenious inventions. And there's much talk about how he created his final masterpiece. 

As an added surprise, when the toddler climbed into bed she insisted on taking off the book jacket, and we discovered the best illustration yet.

There are two other books by this author that have been recommended many times: Rosie Revere, Engineer and Happy Birthday, Madame Chapeau.  

images the indigo crew


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Will remember this title. We love rhyming books at the minute and finishing the sentences. I must admit I've never really noticed whether we are reading books with male or female characters as we are still very much a board book stage, but we certainly read about a lot of diggers...

    1. Haha. I seem to recall you talking about diggers before! Little miss definitely steers towards books about rabbits and princesses so a story about a young architect was a pleasant surprise!