Wednesday 25 March 2015


It was time to put the three-year-old's interest in Little Red Riding hood into some sort of context. She was given a doll when she was a baby, and more recently acquired an adventure cape which makes her look like the girl in The Brothers Grimm tale so a couple of weeks ago I tried to tell her the story. But I couldn't quite remember why the wolf was in her grandmother's bed or how it all came about. When I quickly consulted the internet and read that there was a hunter that I had forgotten all about, I knew I had to find the story and retell it properly.

However, finding the right version of Little Red Riding Hood took a little bit of time. We already have a collection of Hans Christian Andersen stories that get skipped over to the picture pages. A few weeks ago when we were reading The Snow Queen every night I only got to read about four pages out of the story because text pages weren't of interest. So Little Red Riding Hood had to be a picture book. But there needed to be enough story to engage her interest too.

After looking through a few versions in a nearby bookshop I found this version of Little Red Riding Hood illustrated by Francesca Rossi. The illustrations are quite beautiful and not too scary, and the text is not too complicated, although it is long. It takes us about half an hour to read together. And as we have read it every night since she was given the book, we both now know the story almost off by heart.

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