Friday 6 March 2015


Last weekend we visited The Greatest Show on Earth - otherwise known as the Circus Factory at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney's Ultimo. As soon as we stepped into the dedicated space on the ground floor, we saw a Flying Parade. This was a large tent - similar to the sides of a trampoline - filled with an array of animal character helium balloons. They were floating and spinning and all of the children were running after them and having a lot of fun.

Afterwards we checked out a dress-up area. There was a stage set up so you could take a photo in the spotlight.

Laughing clown heads were nearby, where you had the chance to throw balls into their mouths. This seemed to fascinate the children.

But then we heard the music for a performance. We went into another tent and listened to a ringmaster talk about different tricks - juggling, walking the tightrope and juggling a plate on a stick, which the six-year-old got to do in front of the audience. Everything was explained within the language of science, which was an interesting take on the show.

Afterwards we went to the other side of the tent and made our way through a hall of mirrors and found a stack of hula hoops and a 100-year-old fairground carousel, which you can ride.

Upstairs there are vintage costumes on display, and information about circus life.

The exhibition runs until May 3.

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