Friday 13 March 2015


When our son was about two-years-old we took him to Sydney Aquarium, and the experience was a bit of a letdown. The place seemed a little unloved, and there wasn't much that held our attention. However, a few weeks ago I went with the three little ones and it was a much different experience. The place had improved, but I think it was that they all enjoyed each other's company being in such a new and exciting space. 

The look on the three-year-old's face when she walked into the tunnel underneath the swimming fish is something I will never forget. Her eyes grew three sizes, and her jaw dropped. The youngest wasn't so interested in looking at the fish, but loved running up and down the ramps. But it was watching the older two walk through the aquarium that was the best experience. They held hands and showed each other their findings. It was worth the admission ticket alone.

It's not a cheap outing to go to the aquarium, but it is something that they can't experience anywhere else. Well, not until they go to another city. And for rainy days, or when you need to get out of the house, it's something to consider.

* If you park at the parking station on Kent St, it's not too far to walk, and is a stroller-friendly route.
* We only spotted one toilet within the one-way system of the aquarium so try to get your children to go beforehand.
* You can save money on the cost of the tickets if you book online beforehand.

images the indigo crew


  1. There is indeed only one toilet at the Aquarium, but it is nearny from any spot within the place. Just ask the staff and they will show you the "secret" access. I only then realised who tiny the area of the Aquarium is.

    1. Thank you! We did go there before we set out and now I realise what you're saying. Aha!

    2. Apologies about the typos. That's another downside when using a phone.